Thursday, April 17, 2008

Obama comes to Raleigh

It was difficult getting a good shot from where we sat. The "party faithful" got all the good seats up front, and some random people, mostly campaign staff sat on the stage.

But we were there. It was like a rock concert. He had to sing some well-known favorites. It was all about solidarity anyway.

I had to stand on a chair and hold the camera over my head for this video. I didn't know what I was filming, but I managed to get him in there toward the end.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

South American Cruise Videos - part one

We're still recovering from our last trip. The getting home part is always the worst. We're still catching up on mail and laundry, and still organizing the hundreds of photos. Meanwhile here are some videos.

ONE - Aboard the Splendour of the Seas off the coast of Chile. The sea was really rocking on Easter Morning.

TWO - Porto Montt, Chile. Dancers at the Sausage and Wine Tour

THREE - Chilean Fjords. Anybody want a taste of 2012?