Friday, March 25, 2016

Baby Girl

Baby Girl (Memory House Collection, #4)Baby Girl by Bette Lee Crosby
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Cheryl Ann falls in love with Ryan when she is a teenager, living with a mother who never has anything good to say about her. Cheryl's Daddy has died, and Cheryl sees so much of her Daddy in Ryan, that she falls in love.

When her mother puts Cheryl out of the house, Cheryl is determined to make her own way in the world, with Ryan by her side. When she becomes pregnant, Ryan isn't ready to get married and have a baby, and Cheryl won't consider abortion. Ryan would rather have a boat. She does, however, decide to give the baby up for adoption to a loving couple she has met.

Ryan stays around long enough to see the birth of "Baby Girl," while Cheryl becomes as bitter as her mother always was. After she and Ryan are divorced, Cheryl falls in love again. This time with Nick who loves her, but who decides he is too old to have a family. After Cheryl has his baby, whom she keeps this time, Nick leaves.

Cheryl is determined to keep this baby named Violet, and manage by herself. But she does have people in her life to help and guide her through being a single mom. She has her best friend Nicole from work, Ophelia who helped her through the decision to give her Baby Girl away, and her landlady who was always at the ready to babysit. But Cheryl Ann was sure she was the strong one who could do it all by herself.

And then there is another baby, Felix. How did that happen? No spoilers here. But it took a few more years for Cheryl to see she didn't have to always be the strong one, didn't have to do it all by herself.

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