Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My New Zealand Friend Will Love This

Somebody from Christchurch, New Zealand has been following my blog this week. I hope you find this one interesting.

We had an excursion from our cruise ship that took us to a working farm outside Christchurch. The farm has sheep and cows. Sheep raising has not been a profitable business lately, so they are gradually selling off the sheep for meat, and increasing the herd of cows. Meanwhile they are a popular stop for tourists who want to see sheep being sheared and herded by dogs. We watched a border collie lead the sheep from high up in the hills down to their pen.

The video shows the shearing.


bigdaddycc said...

With the loss of the sheep shearing I guess Coogi sweaters will cost even more..

JohnsRo2009 said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing. The story is unbelievable!