Friday, March 13, 2009

From the Neighborhood Watch

To me and a long mailing list:

I am forwarding John Doe's email below in case you also encountered these teenagers today or saw anything suspicious. It's important to report these incidents to the police. Several police officers have even told me to call 911, as that gets them here fast and they can see what we're seeing and intervene and prevent something worse from happening before it's too late or the person(s) get away.

>>>>>>John Doe wrote:

I just had a minor run in with a couple of guys walking down XXX Drive at XXX Ln. Two black male teenagers and a white female teenager talking on a cell phone. I asked them if they lived in the neighborhood and one of them responded yes but then when I asked them where they lived one of the males in a dark hooded jacket asked me "Why the hell do you want know anyway" and began to move towards me in a threatening manner. I told them that we had some trouble with vandalism in the neighborhood and they proceeded to ignore me as they left our neighborhood via XXXX Ln.


I received this while we were traveling. It was all I could do to keep from tearing into the public PC that I was using. I did respond, and set off some ugly responses from several people on the mailing list. How would you respond to this?

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StillaPanther2 said...

Sister Saraphen..saw your comment on another site. You made reference to when we were young in the 60s on how we reacted to seeing Blacks on television. That made me smile because those were times when we have unconditional love for people that looked like me. Still fighting the cause, 66 to forever.