Friday, November 27, 2009

Conversation with a youngun

"Grandma, have you been to North Dakota?"

"No, but I've been to South Dakota?"

"You've been to South Dakota?" Then turning to Grandpa,"Grandpa, have you been to North Dakota."

Grandpa says, "Yes."

Grandma interjects, "Grandpa has been to all fifty states."

Youngun is surprised and impressed. "All fifty states? But have you been to Canada?"


"How about South America?"





"No, I haven't been to Antarctica."

"How about Asia?"


Now the youngun thinks he's on a roll. How about Africa?


"Hmmm...but have you been to Nigeria?"

Grandpa chuckles, "No."

"My uncle John is from Nigeria. Grandpa, have you been to any other planets."

Grandpa and Grandma chuckle. "No, we haven't been to other planets."

Youngun says, "There is such a thing as aliens."

Grandma asks, "Who told you that?"

"Nobody. I just know."


Material for NaNoWriMo 2010.