Thursday, February 4, 2010

Labadee - Do or Don't

Is it insensitive to go on vacation when other people in the world are suffering? Is Hawaii OK when people in Port-au-Prince are living among the rubble of an earthquake. What about a day at the beach just 60 miles away from Port-au-Prince.

My husband and I travel a lot. We cruise two or more times every year. We book next year's cruise while aboard this year's cruise, earning discounts and on-board credit. When we first started cruising the Caribbean it was common for cruise lines to have a beach party day at a "Private Island" somewhere in the Bahamas. For Royal Caribbean and Celebrity the "Private Island" is not an Island, but a private beach known as Labadee on the northern peninsula of Haiti.

We booked a Caribbean cruise for April, 2010 last year, long before the earthquake in Haiti. The seven-day cruise aboard the Celebrity Solstice includes a day in Labadee.

The internet buzz about Labadee started immediately after the earthquake, because Royal Caribbean and Celebrity both stop at Labadee. Between the USA Today travel site and the Cruise Critic forums, the comments have become heated on both sides of the argument. Click here for article.

We have been to Labadee several times before. It is usually a good day at the beach. Will we get off the ship in April? We'll think about it.


Icnonlybme said...

That's certainly something to think about. I wasn't aware of this issue. Thank you for bringing attention to it.

Lady Choclat said...

I am of the opinion you should. It is good for those that are in conflict of some kind (natural or man made) to get back to some sort of daily activities as soon as possible, this should help them. also that beach employs many Haitians who need the money now more than ever. If the tourist stop the money dries up. Yes it is a conflict inside of a person that has empathy for another's sufferings. I think you should go. In your small way you will be helping the economy. i understand taht the ships are carrying hundreds of pounds of food for the area too.

mk said...

kisura saraphen,
the world is large, and constant, at no time in history has all the humans of this world been happy or sad, but every moment in the history of this planet when humans lived, humans have been happy and sad.
Gardless of you and brother tinkers decision, the forementioned will be true.