Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What had happened wuz....or how I got suckered

It was no ordinary day. I got up, showered and dressed, and didn't have breakfast. I was fasting until my 9:30 doctor's appointment. I did have a big glass of water so my veins would perk up for all the blood work.

After the annual physical and bloodwrok, I was feeling rather puny, and boogeyed on down to the nearest McCafe to try the latest new thing from Mickey Dee's...a banana-strawberry smoothie. It tasted great and was just the thing on a hot NC morning. Then I started wondering what was in that pink sweet concoction.

I had a few errands to run, but when I got home I decided to Google the nutritional content of that thing. The site I found, didn't say which size smoothie they tested (I had a small one) to get 292 calories. So I clicked on a link that said "McDonalds - Official Site." This was where the SUCKER Punch started. The link went through some google-ads machinations before landing on this page. I should have been more observant...the URL was blah and my McAfee Site Advisor was bright yellow...WARNING!!

But I was distracted by the "FREE McDonald's Arch Cards." I know McDonalds is very generous with those cards at some venues...or maybe I can blame it on the brain freeze and high fructose corn syrup.

I'm usually the one who helps people get out of the mess they get into by clicking on some dumb interent link, but there I went...

I filled out the Name Address and phone number stuff, then they wanted my cell phone number. Brain was still frozen. Then they sent me a confirmation text message, all while asking me more questions online. Next thing I knew I had signed up for Unlimited ringtones for $19.99 per month!!! ARGHHHH!!! YIKES. This is the stuff that happens to teenagers not paying attention.

Finally my brain thawed out. I closed all the internet windows and called my cell phone provider. Thank God for good Customer Support. They got me out of that mess. The charge had already posted to my account. They took it off and put a purchase blocker on my phone. I never in my right mind buy anything through my phone.

No more McD's Banana-Berry Smoothees for me.

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hugo said...

glad your phone company took care of it ,lol @ Google machinations