Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Christmas Vest

Did I have a Christmas vest?
One with a big tree on the back?
I'm pretty sure I bought one,
Or did I forget it on the rack?

I remember looking through those sweaters
But I thought them way too much.
I thought a vest would better suit me,
better fit my style and such.

I searched through all the closets,
Couldn't find it anywhere.
Even asked my dear Tinker,
And all he did was stare.

Yes, I remember when you wore one.
It seemed pretty nice to me.
The one with all the decorations,
And on the back, a Christmas tree.

I know I get forgetful
Even absent-minded sometimes.
And I was thnking maybe I never bought it
Even if it fits the rhymes.

Well I searched again last evening
High up on the closet shelf
And like it heard me calling
That thing fell down by itself.

So I'll wear my Christmas weskit
With the big tree on the back,
And wonder how it did inspire
My couplet-worthy knack.

©2010 by Sarah Gordon Weathersby


Susan said...

Oh that is so cute! I thought you were just posting a poem until I got to the end and saw the vest! I love it!

Papa Tink said...

See my toys under the tree??

saraphen said...

Yes, I see your toys.

And Susan...I really did lose that vest for over a year.