Saturday, June 4, 2011

What had happened wuz...

It all started when I decided to find out why I can't connect my Kindle to my home wireless network. Not that I need to. I'm retired and sit at my PC many hours every day. If I want to shop for books, I do it from my PC and send the ebooks to my Kindle via Whispernet. No muss no fuss.

But you know how those things can nag you when they ought to work. I connected my Kobo reader with no problem, just had not been able to connect the Kindle.

Now here's the wrinkle. We have a secured network. Not only do you need the password to get in, you also have to have your MAC address included in our network access list.

The Kindle has a MAC Address just like all the other devices (iPhones, iPods, smartphones) that come visiting my house and want to use the internet. The Kobo Mac Address is in there. But I noticed something odd about the Kindle Mac Address. All the other MAC Addresses in the list start with 00:, the Kindle starts with 28: and it would not work. Entering the password is a pain in the butt using the Kindle keypad, and I tried it several times.

Today I tried something different. Instead of the starting 28, I changed it to 00. Voila!! I was in. So I could shop Amazon for books.

But you know I had to do something wild. I tried to get to Facebook from my Kindle....yep, I got in. I could see my photo in black & white. Then the thing hung up. The page just sat there. I tried shutting down, but it came back with that Facebook URL showing at the top...everywhere. I could get back in the book I was reading, but that ugly URL was hanging around at the top.

I clicked around until I found RESTART!! YAY, I was saved.

But you know one of these days, I'm going to try it again. This time I'll try Twitter since it doesn't hang up as much as Facebook does anyway. And I was so intrigued by that story from the Japanese earthquake. A young American woman who survived the earthquake, could not get a phone to work to call home. But she had her Kindle, and she Tweeted from her Kindle that she was safe and sound.

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