Sunday, January 6, 2008

Look where he brought us from

I was thinking of writing this review before Obama won the Iowa caucus, but his success just adds to my contentment from Thursday.

Thursday we saw "The Great Debaters." My heart just swelled with pride over this film, a beautiful production by Denzel Washington, an inspiring story, and magnificent acting by it's young cast.

I could not have been more proud if they were my own children. I remember Jurnee Smollette as a little girl on television, and in Eve's Bayou. She was fantastic. And Nate Parker as Henry Lowe...he has that old soul look and talent. Denzel Whitaker as James Farmer Jr...I just wanted to pinch those chubby cheeks. He reminded me of a number of young brilliant teens who started college at such a tender age.

And the remember oppressive life under Jim Crow that only made us stronger when we knew exactly who the enemy was...we have come so far, but we have lost our way. I cried thinking how our young people today often don't measure up to our forebears who had it so much harder.

You must see this movie. I give it five stars.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent movie indeed!