Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Bucket List

My friend "Cool Like that" said, "We know we are all gonna die one day, so why not live each day checking off items on that list?"

If you have been following our travels, you know that Tinker and I are doing that in many respects. We have been to places I always wanted to see, and some places I never imagined I would see. I've seen some places that took my breath away, some less than 100 miles away. When it comes to travel there are some places in the world we would like to see, but because of wars and terrorism, they get moved from the top of the list. But if I had 6 months to live, what's a little danger. Hopefully somebody will send back my "Chock Full of Nuts" can to my survivors.

And then there are some high budget adventures that we talk about---"when we win the lottery," that are too pricey for our everyday travel budget. But if it comes down to 6 months, I'll be spending my children's inheritance!!

So here is today's version of my Bucket List

1. Visit the Holy Land

2. See The Pyramids of Egypt

3. Visit Nairobi, Kenya

4. Take a private jet to one of the above

5. Join the Mile-high club (#4 is a prerequisite....I wouldn't think of trying it on a commercial flight. The flight attendants have gotten a little testy about such things. Besides, I'm not as agile as I used to be.)

6. Invite all our immediate family: one remaining parent, siblings, children, and grands to join us on a Celebrity cruise where we would book the Presidential suite and enough other available suites to accommodate the whole crowd.

7. Finance the children's dreams. Movie Studio, Recording studio. If there was anything left for an inheritance, this is how they would spend it. This way I get to see it happen.


Linnie Dimmitt said...

I think #4 would really be an awesome experience. If I were you, I would take a private jet when I visit the Pyramids in Egypt. You would surely better appreciate the current state of the pyramids and how they are being preserved from an aerial view.
Linnie Dimmitt @ Image Air Charter

saraphen said...


My hubby went to the pyramids without me in 2009. I had to have surgery, and cancelled my part of the trip. But he found the pyramids next to a KFC!

I should write a blog entry about bucket list disappointments.