Friday, May 23, 2008

Season Finale - Will they be back next season?

I don't mind at all when the Season Finale is a cliffhanger. It gives you something to wonder about all summer or howver long it takes for the show to come back in the fall-winter. But two of my favorite shows decided to mess with my mind this time.

Desperate Housewives rapped up all the story lines, even got that evil bad-seed of a "love child" sent away to her grandparents. Then they did a "Five years later..." WHAT!!?!?! Bree and Orson are back together, and Susan has a new love? Huh? Is the series finished or are they just leaving space for contract negotiation.

Then Grey's Anatomy did kind of the same thing. Meredith and Derek get back together; same with the Chief and his wife; George gets another shot at the exam; Christina stops being so mean to her interns; and Izzie and Alex are... And they live happily ever after or what? The only loose end is Callie and her new-found identity...HUH?

I guess we'll have something to wonder about all summer. But I did peak at the ABC web-site. Both my shows are on the fall line-up.

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