Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today we went to see the movie, "Hancock" starring Will Smith as a drunk, obnoxious super-hero. I wasn't expecting much. But I tend to defend Will Smith. When my son, the actor, said he wouldn't go see it, I said, "But Will Smith 'owns' the 4th of July." Ever since "Independence Day" the movie, he has had a big summer hit released around the Fourth. In spite of the bad reviews (what do they know), I enjoyed it. The surprise came from out of nowhere, nobody had leaked the ending to me. And I ain't telling. (Have to make Tinker keep quiet.)

Besides, Will has "matured" physically. I was just watching "Fresh Prince" on TV Land the other night, and it's amazing how that skinny kid has developed. Of course, his ears still stick out. But this is a good year for big ears.


obama ears

I give the movie three-an-a-half stars.

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