Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reasons to vote early

The calendar says Election Day is still six weeks away, right? Well, if you live in Georgia, it's already here. Voters there started going to early polling centers today to cast their ballots. Residents in parts of Virginia and Kentucky can also vote now – and more states will follow in the weeks ahead.

In fact, 34 states allow in-person early voting and as many as a third of all votes may be cast before Election Day. North Carolina doesn't start early voting until October 16, so I haven't earned that sticker yet.

Here are some of the reasons you might consider:

1. You beat the crowds.
You know there will be long lines on November 4th. If you have to go after work, you might be standing in line well into the night.

2. You can choose your favorite place to vote.
Our nearest early voting place in the mall nearby. Lots of parking, and we can shop when we finish.

3. You can pick your day.
Don't wait until November 4th when you might have an emergency at work or a sick child.

4. In North Carolina, if you haven't registered already, you can register and vote the same day with early voting.

5. You have a chance to fix any discrepancies.
If they turn you away for any reason, you have time to correct it and try another day (or location). I always wondered in past years if all the voting challenges were resolved.

6. You can be proud that you voted before the big day.

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