Friday, December 19, 2008

Seven Pounds

I really love Will Smith. He's like one of my own, although mine don't have such ears. I feel like he owns July fourth and Christmas, so I had to see Seven Pounds.

With all the hype and secrecy, I was fully prepared for a tear-jerker. As a matter of fact after bad news from my periodontist this morning, I was going to find comfort in a good cry. I really didn't try to figure it out, but I did within the first half hour. Everything else after that just served to confirm what I knew was going on. That was disappointing, and I couldn't get my good cry on. Something about Will Smith being so morose to the point of being creepy just wasn't getting it for me either. And it was a long movie..."OK, let's get to the crying part." It was 2 hours after 30 minutes of trailers. So now I know that Dustin Hoffman will crash another wedding, there is another Madea movie coming, TD Jakes with Morris Chestnut(huh?), and Dirty Harry...a very old Dirty Harry is back.

They were so secret about this movie that people were just not getting the title. The woman in front of us in line asked for tickets for "Round Seven." The people behind us want just "Seven." They don't explain the title, but once you see it, you'll get it (if you can stay awake til the end).

I give it two stars.


Keala said...

I haven't seen this yet, but I believe it might be about organ donation. He's going to donate 7 different organs with a total weight of 7 lbs.

Am I correct?

saraphen said...

I'll never tell. You have to see it.