Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas shopping on the internet - the aftermath

I didn't do a lot of shopping this time, and what I did was on the internet. I generally stick with known entities that have a history of delivering on time. I know I can depend on Amazon and any of their partners. There are some others that I use fairly regularly.

Norm Thompson used to be one I could depend on, but no more. I'll admit I waited until two weeks into December. I had a monetary reason for that. But once I decided I could afford one more gift for Tinker, I saw what I wanted in the Norm Thompson catalog. It was December 16, and I knew the US Postal Service said the last date for domestic mailing to get it there by Christmas was December 17.

I checked the Norm Thompson catalog and website, and they said, "Order by Dec 21 3PM ET (standard shipping)" and they could get it there by Christmas. The item I wanted was in stock. I placed my order. The sent me a confirmation email within the hour. I expected another email saying that it had been shipped. On December 18 I checked the website for that status of my order. It said "Item in stock, in shipping." On December 21, the website said the same thing, "in stock, in shipping." I called the 800 number. The customer service rep said the same thing, "The item you ordered is in stock, and it's in shipping." I said, "What are they doing with it in shipping for five days, I was expecting to get it in time for Christmas." She did the standard apology, and offered free shipping when it does go out. I said OK, and still hoped it might get here before we left for Wilmington. It didn't.

After Christmas it stayed in shipping. Finally on January 2, I received an email with updated status. My order was scheduled for pickup. Over the next TWO weeks, I checked that tracking link every day. It finally left Pennsylvania January 5, and arrived in Raleigh on January 9!!!

While all this was happening, one of my other most favored web-sites had an after-Christmas sale. 70% off everything online at

I placed an order with Coldwater Creek on December 31, and received it on January 4. I loved the way the pants fit so much that I ordered 3 more pair on January 5. (the 70% off sale was still going on!) I received that order on January 8. Two new orders requested and received in the same time that Norm Thompson had Sweetie's Christmas sweater "in stock, in shipping."

I guess you know who I have crossed off my Christmas list....NORM!!

If Norm had given me any explanation at all...the shipping machine is broken...we're snowed in and can't get any packages out...any excuse at all, I would have been more forgiving.

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Cherished said...

Never heard of Norm but I do like Amazon