Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is not about Grey's Anatomy

Well, not exactly. If you watched the last three episodes, you know they had a PDR (Prisoner Death Row) in the ER. During a fight in the prison, he had a shunt stuck in his back that paralyzed him. Meanwhile Dr. Bailey had a young patient who needed a multiple organ transplant and the PDR started messing with people's minds.

There was a discussion among the surgeons and interns about whether they should save his life, leave him paralyzed, etc, etc. Of course there was a little backstory to explain why McDreamy was being so hostile in the ER.

Anyway, that got me to thinking about the death penalty in general, my Prisoner on Death Row pen pal in particular, and salvation. (This isn't a religious blog either, BTW.)

Currently the State of North Carolina has a moratorium on executions. This was brought about when the Medical association decided that doctors could not participate in executions as required by state law. The doctors say participation would be a violation of their Hippocratic Oath. (First do no harm)

I am against the death penalty for several reasons:

1. It is a sentence that is not meted out equitably. You don't find wealthy people on death row.

2. The decision to seek the death penalty is often made for political reasons.

3. Too many mistakes have been made. We have seen many convictions overturned in recent years due to the availability of DNA testing.

4. As a Christian, I see every person as having a possibility for redemption. The State should not be in a position to deny that possibility.

And then there is my personal ministry. I'm not a minister, but as a "church lady" I have a personal mission. I have been involved in AIDS ministry for several years, and my current care partner is on death row. I can separate the sin from the sinner, and treat him as another human being who needs a friend.

Which brings me back to the Grey's Anatomy. Maybe Meredith was being manipulated by the PDR, so she felt compassion for him. McDreamy threw compassion out the window because of his father was murdered years ago. They did, after three weeks of wrangling, find another donor for Bailey's patient (gotta save the little kid's life). Life on a night-time soap is never simple.

Especially with the ghost of Denny Ducat hanging around.

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