Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Refrigerator

If you believe my husband, “My wife works me so hard.” And if you believe his status from yesterday, “My wife just took me shopping ....... she spent Alllllllllll my money!!”

Here’s the real story. The photo is our “old” refrigerator. I bought it in 1999 when I sold my empty nest and moved into my bachelorette pad. It has a capacity of 20.7 cu. ft. and still works fine. When hubby and I got married, we bought a new house, and took the then 3-year-old refrigerator with us. The old refrigerator doesn’t fill out the space between the cabinets.

Notice the can’t miss them. That’s his collection, running out of space. Magnets are his favorite travel souvenir – inexpensive, don’t take up much space in the luggage. You’ll find at least one from every place we have been in the last seven years. Everywhere from Maui to Sydney to Kusadasi to Banff.

About a year ago, he started talking about a new refrigerator. He hangs out at Sears, and keeps track of the new TVs, gadgets, and appliances. He fell in love with the refrigerator with the double doors and the freezing compartment on the bottom. Capacity is 24.9 cu. ft. So I made a deal. “You’ll have to find another place for the magnets.”

So he hatched his plan and has been working that plan ever since. He could put the “old” refrigerator in the garage, but he would have to move his workbench to the tool shed. That didn’t take long. Then he started watching the price drop on the new one. It hit the magic number last week, so we went shopping.

When it gets delivered we’ll be a two-person household with 2 refrigerators (oops, make that 2 ½ counting his little one in the bonus room), and a standing freezer. We won’t even start counting televisions for two people, and our humongous carbon footprint.


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Loved this read. Thanks.


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I'm laughing because your fridge looks like my sisters. She collects magnets from places too whenever she travels or gets them from someone as a souvenier.