Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sarah's Rules for Living

My long-time internet friends have seen this for at least ten years. It's worth repeating from time to time.

1. Remember where you came from.

2. Don’t do something once that you don’t expect to do forever. (There’s no such thing as just this once.--As in, letting the 2-year-old sleep in your bed.---As in, caving in to the church-lady.----As in, trying something freaky!!>>OOPS!!)

3. Don’t put your business in the street. (Catfights do nothing for your image.)

4. Don’t settle for less than being adored.

5. Leave with the one who brought you. (When my big brother told me this one, he meant “the party,” but it applies just as well to life.)

6. Your ancestors didn’t survive the Middle-Passage for you to go out and mess up. (When I used to say this to my kids, it always came out wrong, "Your ancestors didn’t die in the Middle-Passage for you to go out and mess up").

7. Don’t wait for life to happen to you. (The door won’t open if you don’t knock, or have the key.)

8. Spend more for housing than for your car.

9. Friends are God’s love in the flesh. Don’t let him down.

10. Hang up and drive.

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Keala said...

Amen! Thanks for sharing again.