Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Don't Do Self-Help

I say that at the risk of offending those who do. Let's just say, I'm beyond being helped. There was a time when I would buy the latest non-fiction best seller, which might likely be a self-help book. In my years of working, I enjoyed going to hear the motivational speakers, and I attended the motivational seminars. When I reached the point when I had a budget, I would make sure my staff went to hear the latest from Zig Ziglar, Steve Forbes and the like.

I would go, and get all inspired to change my outlook. I would buy the book, the tapes, the videos. But somewhere along the line, I would open that box of tapes, and ask myself, "what was it all about in the first place." At my age, memory is short, inspiration is fleeting, and my outlook these days is staying alive.

I don't attend the annual "Women's Empowerment Seminar." If anybody asks, I say, "I have all the power I can stand." This is not to belittle those who love to attend the motivational meetings. I would have been there with you 20 years ago.

The latest Motivational tour is coming to Raleigh this month, and will feature, "Live and in Person."

* General Colin Powell: Legendary Soldier-Statesman
* Steve Forbes: President and CEO of Forbes, Inc.
* Dr. Robert Schuller: America’s Best Inspirational Speaker
* Lou Holtz: Renowned Notre Dame Head Coach
* Brian Tracy: America’s Top Authority on Selling
* Zig Ziglar: America’s #1 Motivator
* Rudy Giuliani: America’s Mayor

That's straight from the flyer. (Would I make up "America's Mayor?") Can't you just imagine the testosterone in that venue!! And I'm as old as some of those guys. What can they tell me about my life?

You can take your entire office for $39!! You can be sure there will be books and videos to buy.

Call me cynical, or just old and grumpy. It's no longer about achievement, titles, money or material things. When it comes down to it, the only help I need is here: Psalm 121:2 My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.


Cherished said...

Love this blog.

unlen said...

After looking at that list of men, I can agree with you. They are all republicans. They can only motivate me to vote against them.

Susan said...

I used to read plenty of self help (power of positive thinking, etc) didn't help me very much if at all I must say. Though I love Robert Schuller (read his book: life isn't fair but God is good)... I must agree that the Bible (GOD) is the best source of positive thinking!

mk said...

kisura saraphen,
Do you think it is better for younger people to seek help from the christian God?

saraphen said...

@mk...Church Lady that I am, what else would you expect. But if you would note, I made no mention of a Christian God. The Scriptural reference is Old Testament.

mk said...

Kisura saraphen
fair enough, I should have said the judeochristian god
but, to make idle econversation, do you think the average church in your area, has a proper environment, or flock, for such searching from the young?