Friday, April 26, 2013

For Those Who Remember "That Woman"

Welcome to the Friday BoomerLit Blog Hop. 

Check out this week's snippet.  For those of you who remember "that woman" in Las Vegas, she's back, as Jackson is about to check out of a rehab facility.

At mid-morning, the sun was shining in Jackson’s room. Bonita walked in, ready to take him to her house.
“I know you’re ready to get out of here and get back to Memphis. They told me you would be ready this morning,” she said.

Jackson looked at her with a scowl. “I appreciate all your help, but I called Carlton. He said he would come this afternoon to get me. It took me days before I could talk. I don’t think I’ll look at a bowl of gumbo ever again.”

“I told you I misunderstood. I thought you were asking about shells. I took all the shells out.”

“Yeah, anyway. I’m glad you got me to the ER, came to visit me and all, but Carlton said he would help me get my strength back so I can go home. Besides I need to talk with him about things.”

“If you’re sure you don’t need anything from me, you have your wallet and suitcase,” Bonita said. “The hotel was kind enough to take a day off your bill and check you out since you were in the hospital. The car rental wasn’t as nice...I’ll be going then. You have my number if you need anything. I hope we can stay in touch.” She kissed Jackson on the cheek, turned on her heel and left.

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John Klawitter said...

Have you read Tinkers by Paul Harding? The old Tinker, considered demented and useless by his wife, disappears in the night, only to marry again and live a second life in another place.

Beth said...

I wonder if she really misunderstood?

Kathleen Valentine said...

Very interesting. Sounds like he's off gumbo for good.

Shelley Lieber said...

Interesting exchange...leaves me wondering what happens next. Well done!

saraphen said...

@John, I did attempt to read Tinkers several years ago. Pulitzer? In light of your comment, maybe I'll dust it off and try again.

But alas, poor Jackson's lament is not so deep.

saraphen said...

@Beth, we'll see Bonita again described as "a bit short of a full deck,"

stitchesthenovel said...

Me thinks that all is not as portrayed in this tiny snippet. I want to delve into both characters more. Nicely done!