Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kindle Apps? Who Knew?

I luurrrve my Kindle. Did I say that before? It's great for traveling, since I don't have to pack 2 - 4 books for the trip.

Sure I heard about apps for Kindle months ago, but they all looked rather clumsy. The Kindle keyboard is not something I want to use for any real typing.

Enter Kindle Notepad. My first impression was, "What do I want this for?" The folks on the Kindlecorner Yahoo group have been raving about it. So for 99 cents I decided to give it a try.

My best use so far is to replace my phone for storing lists of stuff. Sometimes I need to check a list when I don't want to have my phone on, like on a cruise.

You can run up huge international roaming charges if you're not careful when you turn your phone on. Even if you don't answer your phone and let it go to voice mail, it can cost you $2.49 per minute aboard a cruise ship. And those text messages from 62262, don't you just love him.

Back to the app. I can type my notes on the Kindle keypad (ARGGGGH) or type them on my PC (on a real keyboard) into Notepad text files and transfer them to the Kindle via USB.

There is no User Guide, but the developer has some nice How-To videos here:

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abhi said...

Hi Saraphen,
Here's the User Guide (a rough one) -

In the app itself you can press Menu and then Help to get a small in-app help section.