Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Purple Haze Virtual Book Tour

JA Adams is author of Chameleon, Unfinished Business, and is excited about the re-release of Purple Haze. In Purple Haze, a car accident ends the lives of a young couple and no one suspects foul play until another body surfaces leading the people of Pineview, TX to believe a killer is in their midst. Twins, Landan and Janda Colquin try to uncover the identity of the killer as a complicated haze settles between life as they envisioned and the one that they now know exists.
Today's virtual book stop will introduce you to Purple Haze.
Introduce readers to Purple Haze.
Purple Haze is a book about a journey in forgiveness and healing from grief.
Who are the main characters?
Because Purple Haze carries the storyline of several individuals simultaneously, there are 7 main characters that dip in and out throughout the novel. Principle characters are the Janda and Landan (Colquin twins), Alison (their high school friend) the Eugene and Steven (Stykes brothers), and Keith Baptise (a character from Chameleon).
Which character was the best to write? And why?
There's a tie between Janda and Alison. While Janda is somewhat mild-mannered (until that last straw that breaks the camel's back) and tries to see the good in everyone, Alison, her best friend is a take no prisoners kind of girl.
What are some of the key issues addressed in Purple Haze?
Coming to terms with grief and forgiveness is truly a spiritual journey that affects each person differently. Also, that the experience of grief is not limited to death. Sometimes we grieve the loss of a part of ourselves that we must let go in order to move forward with life or to allow God to work within us.
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About the Book
Residents of Pineview, Texas suspect no foul play when a popular young couple dies in a car accident. However, years later, when another friend of Landan and Janda (the Colquin twins) turns up dead, the twins mull over the possibility of a killer in their midst. Fearing for their lives, can the twins and their friends figure out the identity of the killer before there is another murder? For all involved, they soon learn life is seldom played by its precedent rules as a haze between the world in which we live and the one in which we wish we did emerges.
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JA Adams, author of three psychological suspense novels--Chameleon, Purple Haze, and Unfinished Business--uses personal and professional experiences to bring awareness to psychological issues that affect our relationships.
Adams actively writes and volunteers with numerous organization bringing awareness to teen dating violence and women issues, as well as, advocating against intimate partner and family violence.
Adams resides in Austin, TX with her husband and children nearby. For more information visit
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