Monday, August 11, 2008

Congratualtions Team USA

The ears have it!!
(I told you it was a good year for ears)

So I didn't show the USA basketball team. Hold on there's a reason.

We know we can play basketball. What we don't know is swimming. If you look at statistics from drowning, you find that non-Hispanic black males die from drowning at a higher rate than anybody else.

We don't swim. It seems to me that we don't swim for the same reason we don't (or used-ta didn't) play golf or tennis. Until the Civil Rights Era, swimming pools along with golf courses and tennis courts were segregated in many parts of these United States or were part of exclusive membership clubs. So for a long time these activities were not part of our culture. It took Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe in tennis, and Tiger Woods to raise the awareness of black children and their parents to say "We can play golf."

We need to learn to swim. The statistics ought to tell us that our lives might depend on it.

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