Thursday, August 21, 2008


My day started at about 4 AM. I couldn't sleep and couldn't nudge Tinker awake, so I decided to go practice with my new camera. You may have read my blog here, asking for recommendations. I took bigdaddycc's advice and got a Canon. I read the reviews on CNET and decided on a Powershot SD850 IS. It has image stabilization (that's the IS part), and face recognition. And it has a bigger display on a smaller body than my old Sony (plumb wore the old one out). It comes with a bunch of manuals in English and Spanish.

I got out the manual and went into the bonus room to try out the various settings. I knew I was in trouble on the first page:

2008-08-21 004 by tojo1104.

I should have gotten out the magnifying glass but I trudged on and skipped that page. I started pressing buttons and snapped a few pics, but I wasn't happy with what I saw. The flash was washing out the color, and without the flash it wasn't sharp. I started pressing buttons, and got screens like this:

2008-08-21 008 by tojo1104.

Then I started going through the manual trying to find what in the world I was doing. It shouldn't be this hard!! (If bigdaddycc can do it...LOL) After an hour of very little progress, I decided to go back to bed. I closed the book and saw that I had the "advanced" manual when I should have been reading the "Basic - Please Read This First"....DUH!!

In case you're wondering about the RTFM...In one of my former lives I was a geek...technical support. RTFM is what we would mumble under our breath after helping a client who didn't "READ THE F'ING MANUAL!" I just read the wrong one.

What a way to start the day. Then I couldn't get my sneakers on because my new Jelling insoles don't let my socked feet slide in.

I've had my walk, now I feel better.

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Dredfoxx said...

Yeah, but what about when you DO RTFM and it still doesn't help? LOL

But you are better than I am. I dont even bother to read the manual most times. Too much testosterone I guess! LOLOL

But I WILL ask for directions if I am lost. With a GPS there is almost to need to ask anymore though. ;)