Saturday, August 2, 2008

I've got real estate!!

I'm right there between Minister Farrakhan and Barack Obama. Right up front.

I don't know how important bookstores are anymore. I have to confess I buy most of my books online. Independent bookstores are being swallowed up or run out of business by internet and the big franchises. Even Barnes & Noble has reported declining sales.

Black bookstores are as scarce as hen's teeth. There are a couple of by-appointment-only black bookstores in Raleigh. Wherever they survive they are a vital part of the community. In Durham there is "The Know Bookstore" (and cultural center, fried chicken and fish restaurant, and jazz club). The other stuff keeps the book store in business. When I stopped by this afternoon, the owner Dr. Bruce Bridges was in the kitchen frying up some dinners.

2008-08-02 002 by tojo1104.

But he took my books on consignment. I'll have to schedule a book signing on a jazz night.

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