Friday, October 24, 2008

Robo-call Season

It's that season again. The politicians and their assorted supporting organizations are calling all day. It's especially annoying since I have voted already. I have done my share of calling for candidates over the years, and I think the human touch helps sometimes. But you know how these robo-calls go.

First sign of the robo-call: Caller-ID says "out of area."

That doesn't stop me from picking up because I have relatives and friends who call from out of the country or from cellular areas that don't send the number.

Second sign of the robo-call: Long silence after I say hello.

I usually hang up at that point, but then comes the recorded message. This year there is a new twist. The message says, "Thank you for your patience. We're still trying to connect you" Translation: "Hang up you idiot!"

Now really! If you're making calls by machine, get a service that starts the message right away.

Obama has said that he doesn't like Robo-calls, but he did one series during the primary. The message was so important that I forget what it was. You see, that was during the Rock Star phase. When I heard his voice on the other end, I was like...(gasp) A call from Barack! Be still my heart! He hasn't called me since. (But I do get text messages on the regular.)

Tinkerbell has nothing to do with this. But have you noticed that sister-gurl has quite a bit of junk in the trunk?

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